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Knowing the truth is healing because truth is powerful and transformational. 

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Meet Anjan

Anjan is a certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, working with Akashic records, an Angelic therapy healer and a Pranic Healer. With a vast knowledge of healing practices available to her, she works with you to provide a holistic healing experience for the mind, body and soul.

She aims to deliver healing by working on the cause and effect of the issue simultaneously, so you can see the results for yourself in a short period of time in all areas of your life. 

About Anjan

Soul Realignment

Property Clearing

Pranic FengShui

Angel Healing

Angel Card Reading

Relationship Healing

Pranic Healing

Pranic Crystal Therapy

Akashic Records



Georgina Woodley (Sydney, Australia)

Just…wow!  The difference I feel in myself since first starting healings with Anjan is just phenomenal, I barely even recognize myself.  I first discovered energy healing in 2014 and had done quite a lot back then and over the years since.  Life was going okay but I felt that it could be better.  After Anjan’s work I feel more confident, capable and clear.  One of the biggest areas I have always struggled with is work life balance.  I’ve always felt stressed and overwhelmed and no matter how much I did I always felt like it was never enough.  Now I set myself clear objectives and feel comfortable finishing when the outcome is achieved.  I am working less hours but getting more done and feeling on top of everything.  I’m also taking on more things that I previously have shied away from and feel much more optimistic.  Anjan did my Akashic records and that was just amazing.  It was a lightbulb moment as to why I enjoyed certain aspects of my job and others left me cold.  Having that understanding about my soul’s natural style gives me so much more clarity about what I should be doing to get the most out of my life.  It is the best investment I have ever made in myself.  The thing about healings, is you don’t always notice it happening consciously.  With each healing there is a gradual change.  Sometimes you really feel it and other times it’s not directly noticeable until you suddenly look and back go wow, that is so different to how I used to feel!  Thank you Anjan you are just amazing, you have such a wonderful gift!!”

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