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About Me

I worked in a professional environment for 10 years of my life but there was always that desire to do something different. While looking after my young & adorable girls during parenting break from my career, I was guided towards healing, or I should say I was guided towards my calling. And after that, the transformation began. With nothing to lose, I found much more than what I was looking for. 

With the realization of the greatest purpose of all, with each and every passing day, I learn a little bit more about life. 

This knowledge has been transformational for me and i know it can transform you as well.  

And all I want to do is to help you know a little bit more about yourself, how you can heal & transform your self and take charge of your life. With every one of us healed, we can heal our planet too. 

Because we can all help each other heal, we can all help each other grow. 


Energy exchange

  • 1 hour healing session A$60

  • Crystal chakra healing A$50

  • Card reading A$50

  • Akashic records reading A$150

  • Soul Blueprint Analysis A$150

  • Manifestation Guidance A$100

  • Relationship reading A$150

  • Property clearing A$50


Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner

Certificate in Healing with Angels & ArchAngels 

Certificate in Healing with Unicorns

Certificate in MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing

Certificate in MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy

Certificate in MCKS Psychic Self Defense

Certificate in MCKS Kriyashakti

Certificate in MCKS Pranic FengShui

Certificate in MCKS Kriyashakti

Certificate in MCKS Pranic Crystal Healing

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