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Soul Realignment with Akashic records

Akashic records is the universal database of all souls characteristics and journey throughout the existence of time. 

It helps you to know yourself on an inner level, know your past, accept yourself and use this knowledge to transform your life and create a better experience for yourself. 

Understand the energetic blocks that are affecting your soul, your mind, your body, and be empowered to clear them and take control of your life. 



Trust the power of Universe and allow it to heal you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

I use Angel healing, Pranic healing and Unicorn healing to heal different physical or emotional issues, whichever is most suitable as per the individual's condition. 

While Pranic healing is facilitated by using the pure prana from the atmosphere, Angel and Unicorn healing is facilitated by invoking them for the healing.

And all you need for any kind of healing is to have faith, be open and receptive.  



Relationships are an important part of our life and every relation has a specific purpose in our life. 

With relationship healing, we try and understand each other and this special purpose. I work on relationships to help you resolve the blocks and bring sweetness back in your relationships and in your life. 

Akashic records help us see the truth of our relations and when we understand ourselves and our dear ones, it helps us to accept each other and the relationship, and bring about healing and blessings.


Our home is where we relax and unwind, we find peace and refresh ourselves. 

Property clearing helps to clear away all the unwanted energies in your home, which affect you and your family in so many subtle ways that you don't even realize until they are highlighted or cleared away. 

Whether its your home or office, property clearing is a very effective way to clear the energies of your environment and protect yourself from the unwanted energies. 

It can help to bring about peace and calm, increase cooperation, harmony and productivity. 

Image by Valentina Locatelli
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